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WunderLifestyle is comprised of two individuals with divergent backgrounds and interests, with a single aim of providing an online space to share their storytelling through words and lens. We will offer the readers to virtually experience the adventure of the places within Brunei Darussalam. As both of them believe that the green jewel is worth the share to experience.

This is Our Story 

Hello everyone and welcome to the about section of Wunderlifestyle! As you can see from our posts, we are not just covering stories of Brunei Darussalam in general, but more like to its people, the landscape, cultural heritage and more.

to be continued..


Why Wunderlifestyle?

The typical “to promote Brunei Darussalam as a tourism destination” mainly to the foreigner. Questioning that why not encouraging the people of Brunei to actually try out and explore their own homeland? And here we go! We would love you to join us on our adventure of #KNK or KenaliNegaraKitani translated into English as “Get To Know Our Own Country” to gain the knowledge and the experience. We, the next generation of Brunei Darussalam should be able to know our own root, to hold our culture and heritage, to learn more about the languages and to be there as a Bruneian.


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