Four Districts As One

Time flies so fast and without knowing we’re almost at the end of March…  but we do hope you all are doing great! A lot of things have been happening either good nor bad nevertheless, we are thankful for all the opportunity given Allah the Almighty!


Recently Brunei Darussalam celebrated its 34th National Day on the 23rd of February. It was one of the most historic moments for every one of us who came together from a different background of race. As early as dawn, people already started flooding the capital before traffic kicked in and some people checked-in hotels and homestay in the surrounding area. Every room was fully booked in a week advance to get their room reserve!

While for us, we went there by boat from RIPAS jetty and it took less than ten minutes. The fare by water taxi usually cost fifty cents to a dollar and this is depending on your bargain skills. Usually for this kind of occasion especially… for those who are afraid of water or sea sickness, the river often is wavier due to the high tide in the morning and current causes by boat. But no worries! With the new rules and regulation implemented by the government, every water taxi is obligated to provide the life jacket for their clients.


In the conjunction of the 34th National Day, WunderLifestyle had a collaboration project for one-minute video with Kunyit 7 Lodge and Big BWN Project on the “Empowerment of the entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam”. Through this video, it reflects the glimpse of entrepreneurship in Brunei has long existed in the capital since the 15th century, from the Padian to Tamu Kianggih and now being adopted to Kontena Park located in Berakas, nearby to iCentre building and D&T building. We hope you will enjoy our video below!

Also watch our 34th National Day below, we hope you enjoy watching both of our videos! ☺️

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