Wasai Wong Kadir

Happy New Year to our readers! We hope we are not a little too late to greet you all and wishes everyone to have a great year ahead. We would like to wish our Chinese friends a Happy Lunar year, may this year bring you all a prosperity and be in a good health ☺️


We know we have not been very active for the past quite sometimes and we have received a number of comments for being hiatus from posting for so long, we would like to apologise on our behalf but no worries! more adventure more to come!! It has been a raining season in Brunei Darussalam because of the monsoon and coupled with tropical storm Kai-Tak in the South China Sea causing heavy rain and flash flood in the sultanate. Insha Allah once the weathers calm down hopefully by early March we could cover more places and the lifestyle of Bruneian.


Just before the end of November in 2017, we went to Wasai Wong Kadir Recreational Park in Belait District which located in Labi; the place is one of the hidden wonders. Just for your information, the word “wasai” translated into english is waterfall. In our journey, we brought along two of our friends from the Universiti Brunei Darussalam and, two other friends from Tutong who were so eager to join our trip.

Our journey to the wasai from Bandar Seri Begawan took approximately two hours and a half depending on how fast you drive but, we stopped by in Tutong district for breakfast at Restaurant Haji K.K Koya. The restaurant is well known for their Rojak and Roti Kosong which cost us less than 10 Brunei dollars.


Before starting our adventure into the forest, we took a little break and prepare our gears and refreshment. Just to highlight, it is important to have a proper hiking shoe due to the steep and slippery route; Also to have a tour guide if you are not familiar with the place yet, it is better to be cautious ladies and gentlemen!


For our Muslim readers, it is better to start the adventure with a recite of Al-Fatihah and, be prepared to wet your shoes and to fall due to the route as I mentioned above because we fell hehehe 😂. In spite of the rugged path, it was honestly a good hiked and to breathe in fresh air. There was four pit stop where you can rest along the one hour and a half hike before you could actually reach the waterfall deep inside the labyrinth.


We took multiple pictures and videos throughout the journey such as ants, spider web and plants with our companions until the point we almost sidetrack our time oops…

There are sayings… if you swim or dip your legs into the water at the Wasai Wong Kadir it will heal your fatigue so what Farid did was… he jumped and swam around while the others just  untitled-1972dip in our legs

Overall the trip was amazing especially with the addition of good vibe from great companions and nature of the destinations. We are quite surprised that the Wasai Wong Kadir does not receive much attention in attracting tourist both domestic and international tourists especially for adventure enthusiast.



We did not just end our journey at Wasai Wong Kadir, since Luagan Lalak Recreational Park located within Labi hills reserve. we decided to take a break there after an hour of drive from our previous destination but unfortunately, by the time we reached to Luangan Lalak the weather was already cloudy and soon right after we spent a little time it was raining. We managed to take a few photos to share with you all!


Luangan Lalak is a great place for someone in need a change of environment. The scenery is a breath taking and indefinitely, a good place for family or young adults to take a break from busy lifestyle. If you have read our previous post on Tasek Merimbun, the uniqueness of this location is quite similar it just that instead of a lake, it is the swamp. During a heavy rains, the swamp will fills up and becomes a lake in black of colour. This kind of lake is known as “alluvial freshwater swamp or  Empran

Insha Allah in the future, we will cover more in details regarding Luagan Lalak Recretional Park until then, please do stay tune on our weekly post.









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