In the middle of the Tutong district in Kampong Lamunin lies a wonderful garden but, once you arrive you will just likely to see any other concrete houses in Brunei. The thing about this house you would hardly miss the place due to the stunning yellow colour. Shortly when we arrived we were wondering where is this garden actually located and turns out it was at the backyard which you have to take 1-2 minutes through the path walk (You will likely to see the security guard by security we meant the cute dog!) and, cross a mini bridge then you mostly will see the Selamat Datang sign which translated as Welcome in English.

Farm market

There you will be greeted by Eyon Ukoi, the co-founder of the “Eco Ponies Garden”. Initially the name of Ponies derived from her niece’s favourite animation character. Indirectly, if you are familiar with the historical term of Poni, it was referred to as Brunei during the China’s dynasty.

The story behind of the Eco Ponies Garden establishment was a mere coincidence and according to Eyon, the actual purpose of the garden was for her mother have a small hut for her to take a break from her gardening session back in 2014. The first event held back in March 2015 when they hosted Anne Osbourne and her son from the and the author of Fruitarianism: The Path To Paradise. Eventually, in times, they unintentionally opened it into a tourist attraction that offers visitors for those who want to escape the urban life and indulge in the buzz of nature and kampong lifestyle.


For those are wanting to feel the authentic Kampong lifestyle or wanting to reminisce the good old days, here is the good news for you all. Eco Ponies Garden offers a basic homestay accommodation, local Dusun cuisine and jungle trekking. For any enquiry just click here. The idea of opening the garden into public is to promote community tourism –  Dusun and Kedayan cultures in Tutong. It is a way to keep the culture alive.

Overall we had a wonderful experience at Eco Ponies Garden and the hospitality given by Eyoi was spectacular, enough to makes you feel like home. While we were there we had the chance to try the “Bunga Telang”, a blue in colour organic drink and with the ingredients personally picked from the farm itself. phew! it was very refreshing indeed!


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Wunder Lifestyle Rating

  • Attraction                ★★★★★
  • Accommodation    ★★★★★
  • Accessibility           ★★★★★
  • Amenities               ★★★★★
❖ Recommended for the backpackers!
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Hidden Garden in the Middle of the Forest

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